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Electrical matting voltage V thickness

14/09/2012 16:56

It is a myth that the thickness of switchboard Rubber safety matting has any relavance to either the tested voltage or working voltage.

Thickness only has a relevance to the regulation under which the matting conforms i.e. BS921 states that the rubber matting needs to be a minmum of 9mm in thickness.

The BS921 Rubber matting has a test voltage of 15,000volts and a working voltage of 650volts.

IEC61111 class 4 has a test voltage of 50,000 volts and a working voltage of 36,000 volts and yet is only 4.5mm in thickness.

When choosing Eletrical safety matting the manufacturere of the switchboard will indicate the type of matting required i.e in terms of Dilectric test voltage surface proof test and working voltage they may also specify which regulation the matting needs to conform to it could be a British specification BS921 or an American specification ASTM D178 or a European specification IEC 61111.

If in doubt ALWAYS consult the switchboard manufacturer.

NEVER assume that the thicker the matting the safer it will be. It just is not true.


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