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Electrical Insulation Safety Mat Rubber ESD Mats PVC Earthing Matting

Electrical Insulation Safety Mat Rubber ESD Mats PVC Earthing Matting

Electrical Insulation Rubber Safety Floor Matting, BS EN class 0-4, ASTM D178 class 2-5, IEC 61111 class 0-4, Rubber ESD/EOS antistatic bench mat & PVC earthing static dissipative floor Matting

Electrical Mats Direct holds one of the largest stocks of BS EN, IEC61111, ASTM D1787, VDEO electrical insulation matting, safety mats, Rubber switchboard carpet & floor mat in the UK. All stamped, certified and including letters of conformity.

Electrical floor mat and switchboard safety mats are designed and manufactured to contribute to the safety of skilled persons standing on floor safety carpets working on live High Voltage & Low Voltage electrical switchboard apparatus.
The use of a high quality tested rubber insulation safety floor mats and electrical matting contributes to the safe methods of work system in BS EN 61111 2009,whilst helping to prevent electrical shock.

BS921, BS EN class 0-4 ASTM, D178, Class 2-5 VDE0303, IEC61111 class 0-4, 450v, 650v, 1000v, 7.5KV, 11KV, 15Kv, 17Kv, 20Kv, 30Kv, 50Kv.

Electrical Rubber switchboard insulation safety mat & electrical matting products are vigorously tested to comply with the relevant electrical safety standards and are manufactured using only the finest Rubber compounds.
The electrical matting carpet rolls and cut floor mat products are stamped for clarity on the back side of the matting and test certificate and letters of conformity are available for all our safety floor mat & electrical switchboard matting products.
The quality of electrical Rubber switchboard floor safety mat products is paramount in maintaining & conforming to electrical safety standards whilst protecting equipment from damage and staff from possible injury or electrical shock.

Rubber Antistatic ESD & Earthing Mats PVC & Rubber static dissipative anti-static Floor safety mats & bench mat products

These products help to prevent minor shocks whilst working with electronic components and materials that create a static build up.

Antistatic Rubber bench mats are usually studded and connected to a 240 volt socket by a special lead supplied by electrical mats direct so that the static can find earth through the electrical socket.
The blown PVC ESD Antistatic floor matting can be earthed by using a similar method of studs and hand earthing strap kits however this is not really required due to the special manufacturing process of the PVC product which dissipates the static naturally eliminating the need for earthing straps.
Please inquire for all the required straps, studs, cables, sockets and kits can also be obtained from electrical mats direct.

Antistatic Bench Matting & PVC ESD Earthing Safety Mat.
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