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Electrical Insulation Safety Mat Rubber ESD Mats PVC Earthing Matting

Antistatic Bench Matting & PVC ESD Earthing Safety Mat.


Antistatic earthing Rubber mat for benches. Closed cell PVC roll anti-static ESD safety matting for floors

Custom cut bench mats to size with FREE stud configurations to suit your applications are available along with a range of ESD/EOS sundries including wrist and ankle straps earthing leads plugs ect.The PVC ESD matting rolls can be supplied whole or custom cut to size as required.


Rubber Antistatic Earthing Bench MattingAnti-Static Rubber Bench Safety Mat ELMD211

Antistatic Rubber earthing safety matting prevent minor shocks whilst working with electronic components and materials that create static build up.

Supplied with or without FREE connection studs. Antistatic rubber safety mat is most suitable for bench coverings. These earthing rubber mat products are available in 2 colours and 2 finishes.
The 2mm thick antistatic dissipative bench matting mat products have excellent heat / chemical resistance.

Other characteristics include - dissipative surface resistivity, static decay rate complying with accepted standards, durable and flexible with excellent lay flat properties.

Surface resistance and resistance to ground: 5 x 10^6 - 5 x 10^8 Standard IEC 61340- 5-1 Charge decay time: FTM 101C No: 4046 (5000v - 500v) <0.009 sec

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Anti-Static ESD Bench Mat ELMD211

PVC Antistatic Floor Safety MattingAntistatic ESD PVC Floor Matting ELMD825

Cushion Stat PVC blown foam is an antistatic ESD floor safety matting roll product at 9mm thick.

This specially formulated Blown PVC floor mat product has been developed to be able to absorb static electricity, rendering the possibility of electric shock to zero.

Tested to EOS/ESD- EOS/OSD-S4 RTG measured at moderate and 12% RH at 10v ad 100v – 109 Ohms for conductive, Antistatic requirements.

Protecting workers and components from the transfer of electrical static. Cushion Stat is a soft feel anti-slip antistatic floor matting product providing excellent anti-fatigue properties for long standing operations and with a bevel edge to either side of the floor matting roll to assist with any possible anti-trip problems.

Datasheets Available datasheets for this product
Anti-static ESD Floor Matting ELMD825

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